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The Searcher

By T J Alexander

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ISBN: 9780719826559
PUBLISHED: 31/05/2018
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 234x156 mm

January 1822 - A child is found dead on wasteland in London's Liberty of Norton Folgate. Adah Flint, the Liberty's Searcher, must examine the little girl's body to determine her identity and discover the cause of death. Adah's search for the truth takes her through the cosmopolitan backstreets of early 19th century London, with its inns and prisons, street markets and prostitution, cruelty and compassion.

Based on real characters and a true crime, this novel takes readers into the long-forgotten world of the women searchers who once played an important role in the solving of crimes, and eventually into the twenty-first century, where mysteries are resolved and new enigmas unfold.

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" This is an important as well as an entertaining story and should be a must-read for those bored with traditional Victorian fiction, those concerned with the unfolding historical role of women and those who just love a great story based on truth and told with utter believability and real compassion. "
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Reviewed By: Crime Review

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