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By Roz Southey

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ISBN: 9780719828010
PUBLISHED: 28/09/2018
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 234x156 mm

Eppie Epford is a hairdresser by trade but in his spare time he's a demon bicycle racer - the best in the area, they say. He's looking forward to the forthcoming Easter Sports where he's the favourite for the five-mile race. Little does he know that before the starter's gun sounds he'll be mixed up with a murder, some murky politics, suspicious betting, gentry of questionable morals and some very persistent policemen.

But there's always Miss Alma Gains to rely upon, a young lady of unquestionable intelligence and indomitable daring. She also wants to be a racer, despite being a woman, and Eppie doesn't see in the least why she shouldn't be. Unfortunately that's not the opinion of most people.

Can Eppie solve the murder and extricate himself and Alma from a perilous situation? He's a racer - he's not going to give up until the race is won - but there are dangerous forces ranged against him...

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