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Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running

By Richard Blagrove

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ISBN: 9781847979872
PUBLISHED: 15/09/2015
PAGES: 296
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 242x172 mm
INSIDE: 312 colour photographs & diagrams

Endurance runners and coaches have tended to neglect weight training and conditioning techniques, often in the belief that they don't benefit performance, add unwanted muscle bulk, or cause excessive soreness. But as standards at elite level have improved, so coaches and runners have become increasingly keen on learning about the latest new training techniques or ways to stay injury free. No longer does the running community view strength and conditioning with scepticism, or as something that can only benefit elite runners.

In Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running, author Richard Blagrove shows how a strength and conditioning programme can directly improve running performance and reduce the risk of injury, as well as allowing an athlete to tolerate high volumes of running in the future.

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" Very complete, universal, great resource for coaches or thinking runners. "
Review Type: Customer
Posted By: Adam

" Coaches, runners of all levels, sport science support staff, students and academics will all benefit from this publication and if there is one book that you should have in your library, this is the one! "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Athletics Weekly

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