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Flying Instructor's Patter Manual - A word for word account of all the flying exercises as spoken in the air

By Peter Phillips , Robert Cole

ISBN: 9781861268402
PUBLISHED: March 2006
PAGES: 304
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x138 mm
INSIDE: 92 black & white photos; 6 diagrams

ÒPatterÓ is the term given by flying instructors to the language they use whilst demonstrating training exercises in the air. It is a very special language as it has to be precisely co-ordinated with control movements and absolutely lucid.

ÒPatterÓ is also a picture language because the art of flying is largely about visual cues. The good flying instructor should know these cues and a prime object of this book is to highlight them, not only in the text, but with matching pictures as seen from the cockpit.

The Patter book is the first flying manual ever to record verbatim the language of the flying instructor as spoken in the air.

RRP: £18

Site Price: £14.40

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