Auditions - A Practical Guide

By John Hester
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 50 colour photographs

Auditioning skills are vital to the sucess of every performer, whether professional or amateur. This practical book explains how to win your dream role and advises on the auditioning process. With dedicated chapters for aspiring drama students and amateurs, it gives advice on how to impress a director, as well as warning of common pitfalls to avoid.

Topics covered:

  • Learn to conquer your fear of auditions and develop a positive philosophy and approach
  • Work alone or with other actors on exciting mind, body and voice exercises to improve your technique
  • Master truthful and dynamic audition speeches
  • Understand how to improvise and sight read at auditions
  • Improve your interview and communication skills so you are liked and respected by directors
  • Learn how to network and develop strategies for obtaining auditions and further work

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