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Witches' God: Lord of the Dance

By Janet and Stewart Farrar

ISBN: 9780709056508
PUBLISHED: 01/02/1995
PAGES: 288
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 228x154 mm

Companion volume to the highly acclaimed 'The Witches' Goddess', this is an exhaustive work of research which sets about re-establishing the ancient balance between God and Goddess.

The book has three parts. 'Faces of the God' examines the many concepts of the male god throughout history, including the Son/Lover God, the Vegetation God, and such negative aspects as the War God and the Anti-God.

'Invoking the God' examines twelve individual gods of history and also suggests an appropriate ritual for each. 'Gods of the World' is a remarkably comprehensive directory of over a thousand gods from cultures past and present.

'The Witches' God' is the standard work on the masculine god aspect.

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