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By Howie Firth

ISBN: 9780709071082
PUBLISHED: 31/10/2013
PAGES: 512
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 257x180 mm

On the edge of Britain, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea, lie the Orkney Islands, renowned for their seascapes and wildlife, and the continuity of community life for more than five thousand years. It is an ancient land; fossils millions of years old have been found on the islands.

Orkney's archaeology has World Heritage status, with its stone circles, chambers and a growing number of fresh discoveries. Six centuries of Norse rule have left an imprint on language and culture.

More recently the strategic position of the naval anchorage of Scapa Flow gave the islands a key role in two world wars. Today innovative local companies are harnessing the power of wind, wave and tide to give Orkney a lead in the green economy of the future.

This major work brings together many aspects of Orkney, looking afresh at a variety of traditional topics and bringing to the fore many new developments. Picts and Vikings, shipwrecks and sea monsters; all are reassessed in a highly readable way.

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