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Motorhomes: The Complete Guide

By David Batten-Hill , Fiona Batten-Hill

ISBN: 9780709084051
PUBLISHED: 31/08/2009
PAGES: 288
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 241x152 mm

A motorhome can give you a unique holiday experience every time you use it and 'The Complete Guide to Motorhomes' will help you get the most from every trip. Motorhomes range from the compact to the magnificent but they have one thing in common: they are a home from home, and knowing the ins and outs of motorhomes will help you make the very best of them.

'The Complete Guide to Motorhomes' takes you from the status of beginner to the ranks of expert by revealing information gained from years of experience, allied to intensive research into all aspects of motorhoming. You can discover which kind of motorhome will be best for you, and learn about choosing and buying your ideal one then find out how to use and enjoy it, both at home and abroad. For novices, practised motorhomers and everyone in between, 'The Complete Guide to Motorhomes' will make an ideal travelling companion on the road to freedom.

An on-board essential, it will both educate and entertain.

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