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Trouble-free Dog

By Robert Alleyne

ISBN: 9780709085188
PUBLISHED: 29/02/2008
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x140 mm

How can I cure my dog of his annoying habit? Why does he do it? Is it ok to mix dogs and children? Should I have him neutered? How do I make him understand what I mean?

In 'The Trouble-free Dog' Robert Alleyne, a leading canine behavioral trainer and a trainer in the popular BBC3 series 'Dog Borstal', teaches you how to communicate with your dog. Having acquired this skill, you will then be able to prevent worrying behavioral problems occurring or solve those your dog already has.

However, as well as dealing with your pet's psychological needs, the book also covers all the physical aspects of caring for your dog: from maintaining him in good health to the legal responsibilities of being a dog owner.

Also included are numerous informative and entertaining case histories which demonstrate the wide variety of problems that can actually occur.

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