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The Green Hedge Witch: A Guide to Wild Magic

By Rae Beth

ISBN: 9780709085850
PUBLISHED: 31/07/2008
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 216x140 mm

Rae Beth, author of the bestselling 'Hedge Witch', brings us a whole new world of witchcraft and magic in her new book, 'The Green Hedge Witch'.

The author blends the ancient tradition of wildwood mysticism with a subject that is supremely relevant for our modern day lives - the environment.

Concerns about our world and environment have never been stronger, and through a mixture of spirit travelling, spells, wands, broomsticks and familiars, the author shows us how we can not only heal the human relationship with the rest of nature, but also to help bring evolution to the human concepts of nature.

A book for both budding spell-casters and experienced workers as well, 'The Green Hedge Witch' teaches how we can develop a relationship with those spirit presences who dwell in or can be psychically contacted through nature.

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