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Murders Unspeakable

By Georgina Lloyd

ISBN: 9780709086970
PUBLISHED: 30/09/2008
PAGES: 188
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x140 mm

Crime writer Georgina Lloyd explores the darker side of the human psyche as she brings together fifteen of the most horrific and gruesome murder stories of the last century.

'Murders Unspeakable' examines the agonies of self-confessed cannibal Kenneth Stogsdill, and the inhumanities of Michael Yarborough who dismembered his victim before putting him in the dustbin and down the toilet. 'Snuff movie' maker Geoffrey Jones displayed a quite frightening virtuosity, and Fritz Haarmann's lust for blood was sated as he butchered teenage youths during World War I and sold their flesh for meat on the black market.

This collection of grisly crimes reveals, in appalling detail, the complete lack of remorse that these murderers showed for their prey.

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