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The Backpacker's Kitchen

By Penny Paterson , Caroline Paterson

ISBN: 9780709089520
PUBLISHED: 30/07/2010
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Ring-bound
SIZE: 178x114 mm

Enjoying a country's cuisine is often one of the highlights of any travel experience. However, eating in restaurants every night will put a great deal of strain on the average backpacker's budget. "The Backpacker's Kitchen" helps you make the most of local ingredients and keep your costs down - by cooking yourself. These healthy and delicious recipes are so easy to make that even those who have never had to cook for themselves before will be able to whip up everything from a sausage casserole to Spanish baked eggs. Including information on what to expect from a hostel kitchen, what to bring from home, basic advice on how to prepare food, general hygiene and substitutions, this book will prepare you for cooking anything, anywhere in the world. Local specialties and ingredients you may come across during your travels are also described, so that you'll know what to expect when you do treat yourself to a meal out. Enjoy your experiences on a full stomach and make new friends with your culinary skills - put this essential travel companion in your backpack today!

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