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Fireballs, Skyquakes and Hums: Probing the Mysteries of Light and Sound

By Antony Milne

ISBN: 9780709092780
PUBLISHED: 31/08/2011
PAGES: 288
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 216x145 mm

A grand tour of the 'fireball' mystery, covering all aspects of science to help the reader understand the wide range of natural objects and unexplained phenomena in the skies.

Covering reports of comets, ball lightning, antimatter explosions, disc-like clouds, strange sunsets, plasma balls, and 'spooklights', this groundbreaking book leaves no scientific theory or hunch unexplored. The mystery sounds from irritating 'hums' heard in urban areas are also explored in detail, as well as paranormal evidence of phantom planes and battlefield ghosts, and mystery voices and radio messages that scientists and the military have recorded. It also deals specifically with the huge defense files that have now been accumulated on UFOs around the world, and tries to explain - using the latest in scientific theorizing about energy physics - what this weird phenomena actually is, and why we should be worried about it.

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