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Mr Micawber Down Under

By David Barry

ISBN: 9780709093121
PUBLISHED: 31/10/2011
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 236x163 mm

The ever optimistic Mr Micawber bids a fond farewell to David Copperfield and takes his family to Australia, confident their lives will change for the better. However, more than florid language and optimism is needed to survive in this brash new world that is Melbourne in 1855. Visits from the bailiffs, rent arrears and his daughter Emma's betrothal to his landlord's son, already complicate poor Micawber's life, but when his son Wilkins introduces a young man with an ambiguous past who also has designs on Emma, it becomes even more tangled. Micawber turns detective, but will the mystery he uncovers threaten even his optimism and integrity?

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