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Military Fitness

By Patrick Dale

ISBN: 9780709093145
PUBLISHED: 31/05/2012
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 244x188 mm

Throughout history, physical fitness has played a vital part in our struggle for survival. There is no better example of this than the fitness levels of soldiers. From the Spartans of Ancient Greece and the Legionnaires of Rome to the modern-day Parachute Regiment and the elite SAS, a high level of fitness has always been a vital component in the success of any armed conflict.

Military fitness means being 'fit for anything life throws at you' - something that fitness expert and ex-Marine Patrick Dale knows all about. He has developed a no-frills exercise programme that will help you build all the fitness you will ever need.

Based on his personal experience as a member of the elite Royal Marine Commandos and, more recently, as a personal trainer, this book will help you improve every aspect of your fitness in the shortest possible time, using a minimum of exercise equipment. Inspired by the training methods used by the military, this programme is not just for potential or ex-soldiers but for anyone who wants to develop real-world fitness.

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