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The Music Makers

By E.V. Thompson

ISBN: 9780709098430
PUBLISHED: 01/08/2013
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 236x157 mm

In the troubled countryside of Ireland, the 1840s are harrowing years; the seasons when potato crops fail and the gaunt spectre of hunger stalks the landscape. Against this stark world stands Liam McCabe, one-time fisherman of Kilmar, now turning his hand to politics to offer his countrymen the thing they need most: a glimmer of hope. Never far away are the women in Liam's life: Kathie, the fiddler's winsome daughter, and Caroline, a dazzling lady of the aristocracy. But Liam will need more than just their support as he confronts new and dangerous enemies, spinning a web of corruption across his tormented nation...

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