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Repairing Old Clocks and Watches

By Anthony J. Whiten

ISBN: 9780719801907
PUBLISHED: 29/02/1996
PAGES: 288
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 216x138 mm
INSIDE: Over 270 line drawings

Amateur repairers of clocks and watches grow in number every year as they discover the delights and challenges of the horological hobby. Often an initiate will begin with one of the classic books on the craft for the professionals, published by NAG Press. This time, however, this book is for amateurs.

The author, Anthony Whiten, was bitten by the horological bug and communicated his enthusiasm to others with the result, as he says, that he was asked so many questions he had to write this book! If the reader does not have the right tools or they are too expensive to buy, the author describes how to make alterations out of simple and easily obtainable materials, or how to avoid the necessity for the tool at all. He also describes how to dismantle and assemble movements, what may go wrong with them and how to set faults right. He tells you how to oil the right parts and how to restore cases in all stages of decay.

The book is illustrated with over 270 line drawings specially drawn to the author's specification. These range from step-by-step demonstrations of how to do things, to diagrams of movements identifying each part and its position in the movement - a great help at the 'gulp and shut the case' stage.

Tony Whiten is not a professional, but many who are will find his comments both stimulating and inspirational. The amateur will find a sympathetic guide because the author has been through all the agonies of learning by hand experience. He hopes that this book will help others to avoid making some of his worst mistakes and encourage them to tackle bigger and better problems in the future.

RRP: £20.00

Site Price: £16.00

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