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The Diamond Compendium

By Deedee Cunningham

ISBN: 9780719804113
PUBLISHED: 28/02/2011
PAGES: 888
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 241x152 mm
INSIDE: Over 200 colour photos plus 150 figures and charts

Sought after, fought over, hoarded, hidden and stolen; diamonds remain one of mankind's greatest obsessions. Diamond represents the most concentrated form of wealth on the planet and the hardest known natural substance. Covering everything from the origin of diamonds and their properties, through mining, the four Cs of grading and marketing, to modern high-tech treatments, fancy coloured diamonds and synthetics, The Diamond Compendium presents the body of diamond knowledge in a simple and understandable way. Written by a diamond expert this book is based on thousands of hours of research with specialists worldwide. Whether you are using this book to learn the facts about purchasing diamonds, understand the trade, prepare for formal examinations or simply satisfy your curiosity, The Diamond Compendium is the most thorough, absorbing and comprehensive book on the market.

RRP: £150.00

Site Price: £120.00

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