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Poacher's Moon

By Ann Cliff

ISBN: 9780719805790
PUBLISHED: 28/09/2012
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 236x155 mm

When nursemaid Kate Cooper rescues poacher, William Thorpe, from a mantrap on her employer, Sir Titus Wiggins's, land, they are unaware of the consequences of their meeting. Wiggins, a cruel, heartless lecher, dismisses Kate and she is forced to find other work. She finds it with childhood friend Tom Ridley, a local landowner, and struggles to keep a professional distance from him, aware he is to marry elsewhere. Healed by his lost love Judith, William joins Ridley on the night of the poacher's moon when matters come to a head and passion and disaster collide at the Wiggins mansion leaving all searching for answers and the elusive happiness they so desire.

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