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Jack's Heir

By Michael Litchfield

ISBN: 9780719811555
PUBLISHED: 30/09/2013
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 234x163 mm

A serial killer is stalking young women, seemingly at random. Despite the butchery of the slayings, there is no evidence of rape, and sexual gratification doesn't appear to be a motive.

Despite the arbitrary nature of the heinous crimes, there is a template structure to the modus operandi. Detective Inspector Mike Lorenzo and his frustrated team are baffled by this phantom-like mutilator - until eagle-eyed, ex-FBI profiler Tricia Lockwood identifies vital tell-tale clues that tie them all together in a wickedly coherent pattern.

With time running out, the final piece in the intricate jigsaw appears to come from the grave. It seems in this fast-paced thriller, that the dead do talk, and are willing to reveal their secrets...

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