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Beyond Reason

By Gwen Kirkwood

ISBN: 9780719813184
PUBLISHED: 30/04/2014
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 241x162 mm

Janet Scott loves books, and learning, and is happy living at the schoolhouse where her grandfather is the dominie. When tragedy strikes, and her grandfather dies suddenly, everything changes, and she is sent to work for farmer, Wull Foster.

Life with no one to protect her is tough, and Janet experiences first-hand the dangers which can befall a young woman. So, when philanthropist, Josiah Saunders, an old friend of her grandfather's takes her in, they both relish the companionship.

Josiah's avaricious relatives though, resent his generosity and are furious when he encourages Janet to stay at Crillion Keep, and he is forced to think of a way to thwart their scheming. With Janet's love, penniless lawyers' clerk, Fingal McLauchlan, unable to spirit her away from her situation she faces a dilemma when Josiah offers her marriage, and security.

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