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Cicely's Lord Lincoln

By Sandra Heath Wilson

ISBN: 9780719813627
PUBLISHED: 30/09/2014
PAGES: 288
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 203x133 mm
INSIDE: Text only

In 1486, after being caught in the arms of her lover, the Lancastrian King Henry VII, Lady Cicely Plantagenet is estranged from her second husband, Sir Jon Welles. Henry has been coercing her to his bed by threatening harm to Jon and her Yorkist cousin, Jack de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, whom Henry suspects of plotting support for a contender to the throne. But Cicely has a great affinity with Jack, with echoes of the intense feeling she shared with her uncle, and father of her son, the Yorkist King Richard III. And with Jack as Richard's chosen heir she believes he should be King of England. With Jack drawing Cicely into his treasons there are flickering shadows around every corner and she should know better than to trust them. In this web of duplicity, Henry Tudor and his throne loom large, threatening to steal Cicely's great love once again.

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