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Neglected Music

By Neil Butterworth

ISBN: 9780719815805
PUBLISHED: 27/02/2015
PAGES: 256
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x138 mm

This book is a unique guide for musicians who are seeking new material to perform. Over 400 pieces of music from the seventeenth century to the present day have been selected, covering a very wide range of styles and nationalities. Under each entry details are given of numbers and types of performers required, duration of piece, publisher and availability of material and recordings. A description is supplied for each item with an assessment of difficulty plus other specific guidance.

Emphasis has been placed on works whose performance material can be purchased, to enable musical organizations to avoid the cost of repeatedly hiring music and allow them to build a library for the future.

In addition to the choral and orchestral works a section on opera has been included with information on thirty works suitable for amateur and student performance.

This book contains a wealth of information and will prove invaluable for musicians of all kinds wishing to widen their repertoire.

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