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Riding the Storm

By Heather Graves

ISBN: 9780719816314
PUBLISHED: 30/06/2015
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 236x160 mm

Beginning in tropical North Queensland and continuing in Melbourne, this is the story of two brothers, consumed by a rivalry that has dominated their family for generations. Both love the same woman, and both covet the same beautiful racehorse, Hunter's Moon. But only one can win. When Robert Lanigan is the loser for the second time, he reaches out to exact a terrible revenge on his brother Peter. One way or another, he is determined to own that horse.

At nineteen, Ryan Lanigan is still learning about the world and the challenges it can throw at him. His father Peter's death is only the first disaster to befall him: that summer, a tropical cyclone devastates his entire life; his home is destroyed, along with the market garden that is his livelihood, and his mother is killed.

If Ryan wants to see his father's beloved horse Hunter's Moon again, he must go to Melbourne and live in his uncle's house. Here, past family torments are brought up, and he begins to unearth more about the disputes between Robert and Peter. The last thing Ryan expects is to fall in love with the clever, complicated girl who also happens to be his cousin...

This is a story about a young man's maturity and reconciliation with his family's past, in which loyalties are put to the test and memories must be reconciled.

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