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Kicking Over the Traces

By Elizabeth Jackson

ISBN: 9780719817588
PUBLISHED: 30/10/2015
PAGES: 240
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 236x152 mm

Westmorland - winter, 1922. After her mother dies unexpectedly, Florence Grainger is abandoned by her stepfather at an isolated farm owned by the Dalbys. He leaves her with nothing but an old red coat belonging to her late mother... and her tenacious gypsy spirit. It is far too dangerous for a young woman to travel the roads alone and Florence must embrace the settled way of life - courting pain and prejudice along the way. After a few months spent working on the farm, there is an incident with Arthur Dalby which renders her stay there intolerable.

Distraught, but not defeated, Florence rejects the wilds of Westmorland for the barren landscape of the North Yorkshire moors. And it is here she encounters two men from two entirely different worlds: the charming, yet irascible, Garrett Ferrensby from High Agra, and gypsy horse dealer, Ambrose Wilson. Both men have the potential to change her life forever.

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