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Treachery at Baynes Springs

By Bill Sheehy

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ISBN: 9780719821271
PUBLISHED: 01/03/2017
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

The money stolen in a train robbery was supposed to be split three ways; to each of the planners of the crime. However everyone has his own plan: a plan that will require no sharing of the money.

First the lawyer involved seduces the sister of one partner with the goal of taking over the partner's ranch and the sister's bank. Another, the outlaw leader, after paying off his men, also plans on using the money to take the ranch and in doing so leave the owlhoot trail behind. The rancher who came up with the plan simply wants to take his share to save the ranch he's mishandled and the bank whose money he's borrowed with no means to replace. Deputy Marshal Nate Stewart is on the job but doesn't understand what the job is until a number of people are killed.

RRP: £14.50

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