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Blaze of Fury

By Alexander Frew

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ISBN: 9780719821288
PUBLISHED: 01/01/2017
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

When Jubal Thorne decided to settle down and become a farmer in Oasis Valley, he was not to know the truth. Tired of being a gun-toting hero to some and a villain to others, the former bounty hunter looked forward to a peaceful life on his dead brother's farm. He might want have wanted peace, but when a man has a past like that of Jubal Thorne it isn't long before Fate comes knocking on his door. It all starts with a stray bullet that just misses his head, and ends in a Blaze of Fury for those who underestimated the man they were trying to kill. In his search for the killers, and in defence of what is his own, Thorne shows that the bounty hunter might leave his profession but his profession will never leave him.

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