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Gunfight at Copper Creek

By Robert McNeill

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ISBN: 9780719822506
PUBLISHED: 01/06/2017
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

Texas, 1874: when ex-cavalrymen Ben Turner and Wes Noble arrive in Copper Creek, they discover the town is being held to ransom by a gang of gunslingers led by ruthless local rancher Ed Holden, and that the law in the town is nonexistent; its most recent marshal left town rather than face Holden's men.

Nevertheless, Turner and Noble opt to settle in Copper Creed and buy the town's general store, only to find themselves subject to demands for payment for the 'protection' that Holden insists on from the town's merchants. Turner and Noble, however, have other ideas ...

RRP: £14.50

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