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The Dead, the Dying and the Damned

By Matt Cole

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ISBN: 9780719824715
PUBLISHED: 01/09/2017
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

Cotton Harding, former Civil War soldier and current gunslinger, has no part in the war that is taking place between a brutal Mexican bandit king and the towns he is terrorizing. Harding hates men like Benitez, who kills to live and lives to kill. Harding has come to Mexico to earn money doing what the war had made him good at - killing - and hasn't intended being away for so long.

Harding has found love back in New Mexico, and that love has made him more of a man...a man who would stand against a bandit army to save not only the town but his legacy for his love.

In order to stand against that army, he aims to recruit more men like him - good men; at least, good at one thing - killing. Yet in some ways these men are as bad as Benitez. All in all, these men, and Harding himself, are all either dead, dying or damned.

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