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The Valerons - No Boundaries!

By Terrell L. Bowers

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ISBN: 9780719825019
PUBLISHED: 01/11/2017
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

Some men operate beyond the law's reach. Such are the Macreedys. They sell whiskey to the Indians across the Canadian border, then cash in their loot (including that gained from the selling of Indian women and children) and return to their horse ranch outside of Rimrock, Wyoming, outwardly living respectable lives.

But the killing of an ex-Mountie in Wyoming reveals their fiendish operation to three travellers. Unfortunately for the Macreedys, one of those travellers is Scarlet Valeron, who promises the dying MP that her family will see justice done. However, without proof of a crime, the local law enforcers can do nothing, so it is left to the Valerons to figure a plan that will expose the Macreedys for the criminals they are. If that fails - well, a Valeron has made a promise - Justice will be served!

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