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Six-Guns at Solace

By John Davage

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ISBN: 9780719826733
PUBLISHED: 26/03/2018
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

When Meg Thornton becomes caught up in a bank raid, she is horrified to discover that one of the raiders is her brother, Clay, who has been on the run since killing the barman in their home town. Clay has fallen in with the notorious Pike gang, and Eli Pike will kill Meg if he finds out she was a witness to the raid.

Can Clay extricate himself, and the girl he's fallen for, from the gang before Eli discovers there's a living witness to dispose of?

As an added complication, Meg is engaged to Solace's deputy sheriff, Tom Walsh, who has no idea that Meg has a brother, let alone one who is a fugitive from the law. In a possible showdown, Meg could end up with a dead brother or a dead fiance - or both.

RRP: £14.50

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E-Book Edition: £1.99 (incl. VAT)

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