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Merriweather Rides West

By Lee Lejeune

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ISBN: 9780719827372
PUBLISHED: 29/06/2018
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

Failed law student and ex-outlaw Jacob Merriweather is riding west to start a new life when he strikes up a friendship with Sam Critchley, an eccentric travelling preacher. Sam suggests that they call in at a smallholding owned by his friends Stan and Beth Salinger, only to find that the young couple has been shot dead.

They report the murder to the local sheriff and return to town, where they meet Marie Silversmith, a close friend of the Salingers. Marie is determined to bring the killers to justice and she persuades Jacob and Sam to help her. They are joined by an Indian tracker called Running Deer, and together this unlikely posse sets out on a mission that proves to be both challenging and extremely dangerous!

RRP: £14.50

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E-Book Edition: £1.99 (incl. VAT)

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