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Gold Rush

By Bill Grant

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ISBN: 9780719828157
PUBLISHED: 08/10/2018
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

Union Army deserter Cody Black thinks Gold Hill is a safe place to hide out the war and make his fortune. But Cody finds prospecting to be a tough business and soon finds himself in debt to the local gold baron. Desperate for work, he is forced to become a deputy sheriff and now faces the very violence he fled the Army to avoid. To make matters worse, a nefarious plot is afoot to tip the war in favor of the Confederates. Cody must battle Southern sympathizers, and his own doubts, to seek redemption and help save the Union in Gold Rush.

RRP: £14.50

Site Price: £11.60

E-Book Edition: £1.99 (incl. VAT)

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