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The Sons of Some Dear Mother

By Matt Cole

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ISBN: 9780719830075
PUBLISHED: 12/08/2019
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

The five sons of Dorothy Daniels - Frank, a notorious gunman; Hugh, an attorney; Urban, a drifter who works odd jobs; Virgil, a sober and serious rancher; and the youngest, Casey - reunite in their hometown of Blue Springs Creek, Missouri, for their mother's funeral, after she is murdered.

The townspeople are shocked, and an eyewitness claims it was the outlaw leader Henry Lowe and the Murdock Gang who were responsible. When the brothers become disillusioned with the local law and their lack of pursuit, they decide to track down the gang themselves and get their vengeance.

On the trail of the murderous outlaws, the brothers start to find some of the brotherly love they had lost since they were kids. The trail is filled with danger, duels and death. The brothers will risk everything to get justice for their mother - especially Frank, the toughest and most ruthless of Dorothy's sons.

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" This gripping western tells of how a well-loved woman Dorothy Daniels was needlessly murdered in her Missouri home. Her five sons, who in the past have had their differences, get together to avenge her death after the local law do little to get the culprits. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Yorkshire Gazette & Herald

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