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Return to Sundown Valley

By Cole Shelton

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ISBN: 9780719830235
PUBLISHED: 09/09/2019
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

Luke Dawson and his Navajo Indian sidekick, Honani, both Union soldiers, have ridden home from the Civil War. Each man yearns to return to a normal life but while they rode away to the War, things changed in Sundown Valley. Instead of peace in the valley, they face Dallas Zimmer who's consumed by greed and has a bunch of killers at his disposal. He's even claimed Luke's woman. Faced with murder, corruption and injustice, Luke rides through hostile Apache Country to face Zimmer and his gang in a final showdown. But are the odds too great?

RRP: £14.50

Site Price: £11.60

E-Book Edition: £1.99 (incl. VAT)

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