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Hired Gun in Hell

By Frank Callan

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ISBN: 9780719830334
PUBLISHED: 10/10/2019
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

It is 1858 and the new Texas is expanding, moving closer to the Comancheria, Indian Territory. Around the little settlement of Bantillo, precariously placed east of San Antonio, the bullets and the arrows fly. The land is teeming with comancheros, and sometimes the Comanche from up north raid over the Red River.

A stage has been chartered, and the travellers inside all have their own stories. Leon Brett and Watt Duggan want to assemble a new community - the Liberocracy, living off the land and water by the shores of the Kimishi River - while Sir Thomas Rowan, speaker and writer, has a message of civilization. Then there is Miss Emily Nolan, actress and singer, out for her first trip West; politician Harvey Caldy and his dream of railroads; and finally there is the real celebrity: tall Joe Jardine, infamous gunman known as the Leveller - a man who puts right what the law has failed to do.

But Jardine meets an old enemy - the man who killed the woman he revered - his wife. He's a hired gun in hell, and he has to get even with the killer he has hated, while saving the rest of the party from more danger.

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