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Greenville Raiders

By Alexander Frew

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ISBN: 9780719830990
PUBLISHED: 09/03/2020
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

While Sheriff Flint is out of town, bandits strike. Only they have came at the wrong time and do not get the haul they expected, leaving behind a trail of destruction. They not only destroy property, but injure three people badly enough to alter the course of their lives.

When Flint comes back from his trip to another town, he is faced with a deadly situation. When a beautiful woman and her elderly father get involved, Flint thinks at first that they are a liability, especially when he discovers that he has to lead a posse to the dangerous borderlands between Greenville and Mexico. Added to this, his brave deputy gets embroiled in a fight to save a gold consignment that is on its way to town. Flint soon finds that his hands are more than full.

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