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Dressage: A Guideline for Riders and Judges

By Wolfgang M Niggli

ISBN: 9780851318622
PUBLISHED: 31/08/2003
PAGES: 352
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 270x210 mm
INSIDE: Colour and b/w photos and line illustrations

This title discusses the underlying principles of both classical equitation and the judging process itself. The author explains how the judge's equestrian knowledge must be combined with the highest standards of analytical thought and integrity to produce fair, unbiased and consistent marking, which produces the correct result and offers clear guidance to the competitors.

The book then analyses the component elements of dressage tests, explains what judges are looking for, and why, and offers clear concise guidance as to how riders can perform the movements correctly in order to achieve high marks. In addition to discussing all the key movements up to Grand Prix level, the author provides a thoughtful analysis of the intricacies of riding and judging freestyle to music tests.

The second part of the book catalogues the history of Olympic dressage. Following an essay on the origins of dressage as an Olympic sport, there is a year-by-year record of the development of key rules and changes to the tests. All the actual tests ridden are reproduced and full results of all competitions are provided.

Dressage: A Guideline for Riders and Judges offers a book for judges and aspiring judges of all levels and should be useful for all riders who want to discover exactly what judges are looking for and how to achieve it. It should also provide interesting reading for everyone with an interest in the historical development of competition dressage. Wolfgang Niggli is one of the most eminent figures in international dressage. Formerly a successful competitor in all the major disciplines, he has been an international dressage judge since 1964 and has judged at numerous major events, including three Olympic Games. For many years, Niggli has worked to improve the consistency and standards of dressage judging.

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