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Dressage Principles Illuminated

By Charles de Kunffy

ISBN: 9780851318714
PUBLISHED: 29/11/2002
PAGES: 200
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 228x253 mm
INSIDE: Colour photos

Charles de Kunffy's belief that riding must have a therapeutic, life-and-health promoting value for the horse as well as the rider is his inspiration.

With great lucidity, he explains the rationale for training the horse and the methodology for doing it correctly. Great emphasis is placed on the importance of suppleness and collection, which leads to athletic development. He categorically defends the classical tradition of horsemanship, which is grounded in pragmatic scientific facts of equestrian scholarship, and he supports the Baroque ideology that nature can be elevated to art through intelligent application. The author is much sought after as a lecturer and a riding teacher because of his cogent and passionate way of imparting information about a subject he knows so well: the education of riders and the training of horses.

He represents that rare combination of scholastic depth, practice-born expertise, and impeccable communication abilities, all of which allow for an effortless transfer of his knowledge.

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