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Playmaker Polo

By Hugh Dawnay

ISBN: 9780851319001
PUBLISHED: 01/08/2004
PAGES: 368
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 270x210 mm
INSIDE: Colour photos and line illustrations

Playmaker Polo provides both a wonderful introduction for newcomers to the game of polo and an in-depth guide to revision for those who wish to maintain or improve a level already achieved.

Many years of coaching experience have taught the author that giving people reasons and explanations for what they do increases the rate of their learning curve enormously. Specific rationales for all aspects of the game of polo are given and developed throughout this book, accompanied by many true anecdotes and factual examples, which confirm the points being made.

Hugh Dawnay was the first person ever to put into writing the theories of being 'outside the horse' and 'making the pony follow the rider' and he has had incredible coaching success with these concepts, which are explored further in these pages. His tactical principle of the rope and the magical mnemonic LATET, which guides the tactical thought process, are also explained in depth, as is the very effective technique of the slow hand being the pivot of the five circles which produce the ten shots required in the game of polo.

The multi-dimensional application of playmaking, which permeates all chapters, suggests how players of all levels can take a constructive part both in a game and in the preparation beforehand. The high quality photographs and diagrams will help the reader to enjoy, understand and apply the many lessons that are being taught.

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