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Metals in Boats

By Vyv Cox

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ISBN: 9781785002625
PUBLISHED: 09/05/2017
PAGES: 128
SIZE: 242x172 mm
INSIDE: 90 colour photographs and 20 diagrams

Metals have been used in boats for thousands of years, as components of the vessel's construction, as load-bearing parts of the rigging and steering systems, and for a wide variety of domestic and service duties. Due to misunderstandings of the properties of the metals used, and in some cases to questionable design and manufacture, there have been spectacular and sometimes tragic failures of boats' metalworking. These continue even today.

This new book explains in layman's terms how a wide variety of metal alloys may best be selected, formed and manufactured to give optimum performance in the typical conditions of a sailing or powered vessel. Subjects as wide-ranging as anodes, batteries, hulls, skin fittings and rigging components are described in detail, enabling the boat owner to select the preferred material for his vessel.

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Latest Reviews
" The book is pitched at the amateur yachtsman and written with them in mind, for which the author should be congratulated. It will benefit any yachtsman and may help prevent a serious accident. The book would be a good reference point for someone new to metallurgy. Rating 10/10 "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Materials World

" This is an important book and I know of no other like it. For that reason alone, coupled with the authority of the author, I don't hesitate to recommend it. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Royal Cruising Club Newsletter

" There has been a noteworthy and welcome trend to increase the range of subject and number of technical publications available to yachtsmen over the last twenty years; this book is a valuable recent addition to that Library. Vyv Cox is an established technical author and magazine contributor who is well known to yachtsmen through his journalism. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: The Cruising Association

" It's important reading for the serious boat owner. The author is well known in this parish for his rigorous analysis and widely respected as an expert in the field of metallurgy. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Yachting Monthly

" A book worth buying, and a reference that will be useful for years to come to anyone with a yacht, and who doesn't just "get the yard to do it" for every maintenance issue they have. What I really like though (and every boat owner should read it) is a series of things to watch out for. An excellent list of potential problems in metallic things on boats, how to recognise the problem, and what to do next. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Practical Boat Owner forum

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