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British Leyland - The Cars, 1968-1986

By James Taylor

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ISBN: 9781785003912
PUBLISHED: 06/03/2018
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 280x215 mm
INSIDE: 173 colour photographs 63 black & white photographs

In 1968, British Leyland brought together most of Britain's motor manufacturers, with the intention of creating a robust unified group that could equal the strength of the big European conglomerates. But this was not to be. There have been many books about the politics and the business activities of British Leyland, but British Leyland - The Cars, 1968 - 1986 looks deliberately at the cars that came from the company. The eighteen years of the corporation's existence saw a confusing multitude of different car types, but this book resolves these confusions, clarifying who built what, and when. The book takes 1986 as its cut-off because this was the year that the old British Leyland ceased to exist and what was left of the car and light commercial business was renamed the Rover Group.

Topics covered include:

  • Production histories and technical specifications of every major model
  • The special overseas models
  • Appendices on engines, code names and factories
  • Classic buying guidance on the models built in Britain
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    " Carefully researched, and written in James Taylor's usual very readable style, this is a fascinating read, and for those of us of a certain age, brings back many memories. "
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    Reviewed By: Freewheel, Rover Sports Register

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