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Making Moving Toys and Automata

By Robert Race

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ISBN: 9781785004919
PUBLISHED: 19/09/2018
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 242x172 mm
INSIDE: 117 colour photographs

This beautiful book draws on Robert Race's extensive collection of traditional moving toys, looking at the ways the makers have achieved remarkable and varied results, often with very limited resources. Each chapter begins by looking at the mechanisms and materials used in some of these traditional moving toys, goes on to consider possible variations, and describes how to make a related moving toy. It continues, from this basis, to develop a design for an automaton. The book shows that designing and making these simple but wonderfully satisfying mechanical devices is fun, and that good results can be achieved in many different ways, using a variety of materials, tools and equipment.

  • Uses simple tools and readily available materials, such as scraps of wood and wire, card and paper, bamboo, string, tin plate and feathers
  • Exploits, in a simple way, mechanisms such as levers, linkages, cranks and cams
  • Explores different ways of moving those mechanisms directly by hand, by springs or falling weights, and by the wind

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