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Mercedes-Benz W126 S-Class 1979-1991

By Nik Greene

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ISBN: 9781785005411
PUBLISHED: 18/02/2019
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 260x215 mm
INSIDE: 314 colour photographs

The Mercedes 126 S-Class of 1979-1991 remains the most successful premium saloon in the company's history and is considered by many to be one of the best cars in the world. "You don't simply decide to buy an S-Class: it comes to you when fate has ordained that your life should take that course. The door closes with a reassuring clunk - and you have arrived." said the sales brochure of the first real Sonderklasse, the W116. With over 300 colour photos and production histories and specifications for both Generation One and Two models, this is an essential resource for anyone with an interest in this timeless car. The book covers:

  • An overview of the key personalities who drove the development of this model
  • The initial 116 Sonderklasse and its subsequent evolution
  • The history and personality of each model
  • Detailed analysis of the different engines - both petrol and diesel.
  • Technical specifications for each of the Generation One and Two models, plus their sales history

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Latest Reviews
" This book by Nik Greene is such a in depth history of the W126 series of the Mercedes Benz marque, information listed is more of a tool ,a guide ,a go to reference it covers every aspect & answers questions in a easy to read well published orderly format, being an owner or considering purchasing a W126 this book is a must have,I'd highly recommend even if one is interested in this magnificent era of one of the best motor cars produced.Also Nik Greene's earlier book *BUYING and MAINTAINING A 126 S-CLASS MERCEDES*is a must have with endless detailed inside information including explaintary photos. One very happy customer Peter Armstrong, Australia. "
Review Type: Customer
Posted By: Peter Armstrong

" If you are an enthusiast for these important models in the history of the company, this book will be a vital resource. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Mercedes-Benz-Club

" This is a must have book for any w126 fan and in fact any S class enthusiast!! A detailed and thorough journey of the evolution of S class model from previous w116. It enables reader to gain a better insight into the workings and finer details thag made the w126 stand out from the competition hence why it was the preferred choice by celebrities and government's as there mode of transport and in some cases part of their security remit. A great insight to the DNA of w126 and how it came into being from the the previous model. "
Review Type: Customer
Posted By: Arfan Talib

" Mercedes Benz S-Class, W126 1979-1991, an excellent book for anyone who wants to learn more about the most successful S-Class ever build than just the naked facts. Greene already proved his technical aptitude is his first more maintenance oriented S-class book. Here he becomes the story teller. And not just any story! He sheds a new and profound light on the so unique character and prestige of that most celebrated w126. For the first time we learn about how destiny brought together some extraordinary key characters that would shape Mercedes Benz to take on the future. His book shows us how a bunch of idiosyncratic personality's, each with their unique set of engineering skills and experience, brought there talent and inventions together, and boosted the company's technical developments in all the facets of car manufacturing, Its apotheoses being the w126. The first modern car, and as Mercedes claimed: the best car in the world! This brilliant team of designers and engineers gets full attention from Greene. The background and context laid out in this book makes it profoundly clear that this particular car was the pivotal Mercedes achievement that propelled the company from the classic to the modern area. All its incorporated mile stone inventions would become standard issue in later and today's cars. Greene convincingly makes the reader aware that the W126 is also 'center stage' in Mercedes Benz history because it embody's the best of both era's: the classic design and sheer build quality together with all technological novelties we find today standard in every car: a well equipped w126 is still up to today's standards, but can show a variety of design features (colors for example) that modern cars do not offer anymore. I really enjoyed reading this book, and it seems to me the most compelling story for the W126 S-class told so far. A must for a ny car enthusiast or mercedes and/or S-Class owner! "
Review Type: Customer
Posted By: J. Leonard W. Heus

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