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Practical Projects for Astronomers - How to Make and Enhance Your Own Equipment

By Neil Wyatt

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ISBN: 9781785008481
PUBLISHED: 11/05/2021
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 255 colour photographs & 50 diagrams

Astronomy and astrophotography are fascinating hobbies. It is possible to create and enhance astronomical equipment and accessories using techniques and materials accessible to the hobbyist metalworker or model engineer. Written by an amateur astronomer and experienced hobby engineer, this wide-ranging book presents tried and tested ideas from the simplest of gadgets to advanced projects including:

  • How to design and make refracting telescopes
  • How to make a Newtonian reflector around a mirror set
  • Making different types of eyepiece using stock lenses
  • Improving the performance of mounts and tripods
  • Making gadgets for collimation, polar alignment, focusing, sky quality metering and much more
  • How to cool cameras and improve their performance for long-exposure photography
  • Making an equatorial platform for Dobsonian telescopes
  • Using Arduinos and other electronic modules as part of your projects

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Site Price: £13.59

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