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Hurricane:- RAF Fighter

By Ron Dick , Dan Patterson

ISBN: 9781840370492
PUBLISHED: August 2000
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 305x228 mm
INSIDE: Colour and b/w photographs

Designed before the onset of World War II, this fast and manoeuvrable fighter became the backbone of the Royal Air Force's Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain. While the Spitfire got the headlines and the glory, the Hawker Hurricane and the men who flew it were responsible for the majority of the aerial victories that gave the RAF the edge over the German Luftwaffe in the crucial days of 1940.

This versatile fighter was modified for use in all theatres of combat - desert warfare, night fighting, jungle operations in the South Pacific, seaborne carrier operations, and was even fired by an explosive catapault from merchant ships on convoy duty in the North Atlantic.

'Hurricane' features colour photographs of meticulously restored Hawker Hurricanes and includes living historians in accurate uniforms and flying kit from the 1940s. Insightful text and priceless first-hand accounts combine with historical black-and-white photographs and two paintings by premier aviation artist Michael Turner to chronicle the history of Hawker's war horse.

'Hurricane' puts you in the cockpit and behind the stick of this famous aircraft.

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