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Airlife's Commercial Aircraft and Airliners

By Rod Simpson

ISBN: 9781840370737
PUBLISHED: June 2000
PAGES: 256
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 185 colour photographs

This book joins Airlife's General Aviation and Airlife's Helicopters and Rotorcraft to form a quick and comprehensive source of key information on the manufacturers of post-war civil aircraft and the aircraft they have designed and built.

This volume covers the principal transport aircraft built in production quantities, together with details of many prototypes which did not manage to reach commercial service. While primarily concerned with civil aircraft, the book refers to military transports manufactured by the various companies and, in many cases, such types have gone into civil operation after release from military service. It is not the task of Airlife's Commercial Aircraft and Airliners to provide detailed specifications of the aircraft described which are well documented in other publications.

Its purpose is to explain the progression of the manufacturing companies, to detail the individual models of each aircraft so as to identify the differences between each model and to provide information on the production quantities and the serial number systems used by each manufacturer.

. . .This will certainly become indispensable to the serious enthusiast. - AIR-BRITAIN DIGEST

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