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Paramotoring:- From The Ground Up

By Noel Whittall

ISBN: 9781840371055
PUBLISHED: February 2000
PAGES: 200
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 244x185 mm
INSIDE: 90 colour photographs

The first time you see someone strap on a paramotor, start up and fly away from a field at little more than walking pace, the procedure can seem almost magic. Can you really do that? Is the age-old dream of flying as accessible as this? Yes! You can do it.

Flying a paramotor is achievable by anyone who has reasonable physical co-ordination and the patience to learn properly. The cost is comparable with running a small motorcycle. This book is a broad introduction to all aspects of this young sport. From inflating the wing to understanding an aviation chart, it deals step-by-step with all the skills and knowledge needed to fly safely and confidently. There is sufficient information here to provide a sound basis for acquiring a certificate of competency to fly paramotors in many countries.

Provides a perfect introduction to the sport for those thinking of taking it up, or anybody extending the capabilities of an existing rig. - FLYER

Paramotoring is well laid out, easy to understand, and fully illustrated - a comprehensive and very useful book which deserves to be kept handy by anyone thinking of flying powered paragliders. - PILOT

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