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Airlife's World Aircraft

By Rod Simpson

ISBN: 9781840371154
PUBLISHED: April 2001
PAGES: 640
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 297x210 mm
INSIDE: 1,305 colour photographs

The Complete Reference to Civil, Military and Light Aircraft, Airlife's World Aircraft is the leading colour-illustrated reference to civil, military and private aircraft that are currently flying operationally. Over 1,000 entries, with more than 1,300 colour photographs, give important details of specifications, history, powerplants, dimensions and performance.

The book is formatted for easy reference, being alphabetic with a detailed cross-index system to help where manufacturers' names have changed over the years. Here, in this single volume, you will find everything from flying warbirds to stealth bombers, ultralights to wide-bodied heavies, in fact just about all the aircraft types that can be seen flying anywhere in the world. It is an essential reference source for anyone interested in aviation.

One of the advantages of this reference work is that although there are several well-respected sources of information on aircraft in currnt production, there is no other single publication which gathers together the historical background and specification data for all the aircraft currently in service. - THE AEROSPACE PROFESSIONAL

Airlife celebrates its 25th year as a publishing company by producing this amazing magnum opus. . . This is indeed a magnificent book of reference and, for the wealth of information which it contains, it is not overpriced. . .Not only is the mass of data provided impressive, it comes as a beautifully presented and well arranged volume. Moreover, proof reading has been meticulous (what a welcome change from too many modern publications) and even the foreign accents seem to be correct. . . an attractive and, comprehensive and affordable book of reference. - THE LOG

RRP: £75

Site Price: £60.00

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