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Inside Amarc:- The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, Tucson, Arizona

By Jerry Fugere , Bob Shane

ISBN: 9781840371178
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 297x210 mm
INSIDE: 304 colour photographs

To some, the sight of eighteen billion dollars-worth of aircraft standing in a desert would be perceived as a mirage - but not by those who are familiar with the Arizona desert around Tucson. For in this arid, sun-drenched area lie 5,000 aeroplanes awaiting their fate within the 2,712 acres of AMARC, the single US Department of Defense facility for the storage of Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard aircraft.

This book is the first to look closely at the many different facets of the base's operational tasks, which are numerous and varied. Storage is too simple a word for what goes on here - for instance Type 1000 storage is designed for aircraft that will be flown again; Type 2000 storage is for aircraft that will be donors for spares; Type 3000 storage is only temporary and the aircraft will fly out of the base within a few months and Type 4000 storage is for aircraft considered as surplus to US requirements - they will either be sold or scrapped. Add to this considerable responsibility, the deliberate destruction of nuclear-capable bombers and missiles, that must be 'seen to be destroyed' under the international disarmament treaties and you get a feeling for the scale of the operation at this important base.

Within the base, the aircraft enthusiast will find an almost inexhaustible number of fascinating aircraft types and marks from every sphere of military flying. There are unique colour schemes and nose-art to fascinate photographers and modellers alike. But other than these rather obvious delights, this book takes you behind the scenes. Have you ever seen a mighty B-52 being literally chopped into pieces like a Swiss Roll or a stack of disarmed cruise-missiles awaiting the garbage man? It's all here and in superb colour photography.

. . . packed with competently shot pictures representing nearly 100 different fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters . . . - FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL. . .Photographer Bob Shane has done a splendid job here, not only on aircraft but on 142 photographs of nose art, four to a page. This is a fascinating book to pore over . . . - AEROPLANE. . . a selection of imaginative, non-repetitious, all-colour photos of the moving population of 5,000 or so aircraft that inhabit AMARC at Davis-Monthan AFB at any one time. . .As picture books go, a good picture book! - AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED

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